A Ready-to-Deploy Sandless Flood-Protection Alternative to Sandbags

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Home Improvement

Sandbags are a well-recognized way of protecting buildings and communities from the threat of flood damage. However, filling and mobilizing these assemblies is a challenging project that takes effort and time. Reusable sandless bags, however, provide an alternative solution, ready to put into action when communities need them.

Usable Lifetimes

The general usable life expectancy of a sandless sandbag is about five years. Even when out of use, these bags still warrant consistent inspection to verify their condition and to ensure they don’t sustain damage. With proper storage and care, however, sandless bags can last as much as 10 years.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of reusable sandless sandbags depends on the level of protection needed. While door-sized bags are the generally accepted rule of thumb, the selection may not be adequate for higher water levels. Without sufficient height, the barrier will eventually allow water to pass.

A Reliable Saltwater Solution

A key attribute of sandless sandbags is their resistance to the deteriorating effects of saltwater. The polymer fill material does rely on freshwater to absorb and swell and won’t activate with saltwater. But the tough and durable exterior fabric will nevertheless hold up against the intrusion of both saltwater and freshwater, making these bags a reliable application whether on coastlines or inland.

Specialized Flood Defense

Flood Avert delivers flood protection products that keep homes and businesses safe against floodwaters across the US. For a ready and reusable sandless sandbag solution, contact the specialists today.

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