Benefits of Using Wood Veneers

by | May 13, 2013 | Home Improvement

For many people, wood veneers are simply a selection to make when shopping for new cabinets, or certain pieces of furniture. We give very little consideration to how, or even why, veneers are made. The term veneer refers to thin slices of material which are typically glued onto another surface. In the case of Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA, this material is of course wood. The use of veneers is an ancient technique, which has been around for centuries. It is known to have been used in Egypt in the creation of sarcophagi, and other relics. In later eras, the technique was used in furniture and jewelry boxes, as well.

There are several benefits to using Wood Veneers In San Fernando Valley. One of these is a more uniform pattern to the grain layout. This can be very desirable when creating cabinets or furniture. Another advantage, is it typically requires less wood when creating furniture with veneers, than it would using solid wood. Veneers can be glued to a substrate material, which generally costs less than solid pieces of hardwoods. There are also benefits for the environment. By using veneers bonded to materials, such as medium density fiber board, particle board or plywood, we get more usage from those woods with exquisite grains. This allows for a beautiful look, while taking advantage of less expensive materials in the basic construction. This in turn reduces the harvesting of those beautiful, but slow growing trees.

For some woodworkers, there is the art of Marquetry. This is a technique which uses inlaid veneers to create patterns or pictures, sometimes to great effect on various items, such as chests or tables. While this skill might take some time to master, the end results are unique and often priceless.

If you are in the market for a kitchen or bath remodel, Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA is the first thing to consider for your cabinets and doors. You can typically choose the types of grain and veneers to coordinate the look you desire. This allows you to have the look of hardwood cabinets or doors for a much more affordable price.

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