Composite Decking – Alternative Decking

Generally speaking, to have an exquisite, stylish and modern deck means having to prepare for a large initial financial outlay, and escalating costs for future maintenance. You need to spend time and effort in the beginning making sure that things get done right; hiring an expert decking contractor, finding the appropriate timber, picking the varnish and finishing colour and last but not least, put up with the ‘harmonious’ sounds of construction! On top of that there are other costs involved – namely environmental costs as we strip the rainforests of their precious trees.

So what if we tell you that there is another way to build your dream deck – one that can save you money on construction/maintenance and eliminate the need to cut down trees in the rainforests. It’s a procedure that is not only economical, but also more ecologically sustainable than regular decking. Our solution to alternative decking – go composite.

Composite decking is a truly remarkable innovation, introduced into the decking market in the early 1990s. Not only does it address questions on how we can conserve timber from our rainforests, but it also puts into practice a practical way of using 100% recycled materials to build decks, fences and other objects around the house that can stand the test of time.

The materials that make up these composite products are truly remarkable: wood flour or sawdust, discarded rice husks, and recycled plastics HDPE or what is known as high density polyethylene post industrial waste – all offcuts or materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Color pigments are added to enhance the look, with the help of UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors and anti fungal solutions to keep mould spores out. And because one of its components is plastic material, it’s made to withstand insect infestations, especially against termites and white ants. Amazing, right?

A composite deck is structurally engineered with a non-chemical base and has a very low water absorption rate, making it more impervious to chipping, swelling bending and splinting that is common to traditional hardwood timber. To lay proof of its claims, alternative decking products often have long warranties on damages that may be caused by termites, white ants and rotting.

If that isn’t enough, this form of alternative decking doesn’t require you to hire a professional to install – you can do it yourself! You don’t need to fork out ongoing costs for maintenance, and by installing a composite deck you are saving our trees in the rainforests!

Futurewood offers high quality, low maintenance and cost effective solutions for your alternative decking needs. You can visit the Futurewood website to view more information.