Crack Sealing in Providence, RI Works on All Cracks

by | Jul 10, 2012 | Landscaping Outdoor Decorating

There are many kinds of cracks that can be experienced on different pavement surfaces around Rhode Island. Cracks can be difficult to deal with and should be repaired as soon as possible. A plan for crack sealing in Providence, RI is capable of be used on practically any kind of crack. Each individual crack needs to be checked on to see that they can all be removed and filled in.


A block crack is a crack where materials crack up and form right angles around each other. This comes from two sections of an area being damaged due to a lack of use or an excessive amount of pressure from natural conditions. This is especially difficult if there isn’t enough traffic to consistently flex the pavement. A crack sealing plan should work with these noticeable cracks.


An edge crack is one where there is a large crack occurring near the end of a paved surface. This spot could include a section where the pavement is going to come apart at a curb, grassy area or other border. An edge crack often comes from a lack of drainage or a lack of a proper base around an area that has to support it. These problems can easily cause damages of all sorts and have to be treated carefully if things are going to work out right.


A joint crack can be fixed through crack sealing in Providence, RI. This is a crack where pavement mats are placed together and the asphalt in that area is not very strong. This can be noticed through a large line going along the middle of the asphalt area. The need to fix this kind of crack is especially evident after construction because it is often created through this process.


A slippage crack is made by traffic that stops, turns and does other things that add more pressure to the pavement than what is needed. Sometimes a slippage crack can cause some parts of the concrete or asphalt to become loose. This could create more stress than what is needed. A slippage crack can be stopped if it is treated carefully. The area has to be filled as soon as possible or even the area could become a serious trip hazard or even cause something like a pothole to occur.


Sometimes a crack can occur after a bit of maintenance. A crack like this is often known as a reflective crack. It is distinguishable by its straight appearance and has a series of lines that can protrude from it in some cases. This is one of the easier cracks to seal because it is not too curved and should be relatively easy to find. The key is to make sure all parts of this crack are covered.

Crack sealing in Providence, RI should be used to protect a surface to keep it looking great and effective. Crack sealing can be used on practically any kind of crack on a property. This is regardless of what things might have caused these cracks to develop in the first place. This has to be done to protect a surface so it can continue to have a good look to it.


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