Custom Mosaic Glass Tile: Customize Your Life and Home

by | Jul 3, 2012 | Interior

Custom mosaic glass tile is a rarity in itself to find at good quality and at a reasonable price. Mosaic tiles are small square glass tiles, no more than 2inches (5cm.) on each side that when put together with thousands of others, they create a grand picture on a wall. Their small size makes it simpler to combine more colors and shapes. Most mosaics are made using porcelain, ceramic, limestone, natural stone and marble. Mosaic glass tiles, however, provide a more smooth and glossy appearance than other mediums.

Mosaics made of custom mosaic glass tile were a craftsmanship that goes as far back as the ancient years. Cultures expressed their creativity, skills and stories using glass tiles amongst other materials such as gold and terracotta stone, for the sake of one image. To this day, custom mosaic glass tile designers copy the techniques, color coordination and style of our ancestors, using them as blueprints to modern-day designs and tile craftsmanship.

Glass tiles are made by fusing and permeating pigments onto the glass as it melts, and the creation of custom mosaic glass tile is no different. Even the process of laying them on the ground or wall is the same as that of laying any other kind of tile. Mosaic designers use a thinset mortar to bind the tile to the surface. Once the tiles are in place, their surfaces are grouted down to look and feel smooth and glossy. They are then polished and sealed to keep dirt and other particles out of the grout.

Custom mosaic tiles are recommended by home designers and entrepreneurs because they can withstand grime, mold, and moisture buildup hence why they are primarily installed in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and pool areas. Home owners also appreciate the enhanced aesthetic appeal that they project in the rooms they place them in. The addition of custom mosaic glass tile in a room provide a more soothing and vibrant atmosphere, making the room not only ideal to be in because of its appearance but also due to its comforting environment.

Custom mosaic glass tile come in eight different modern-day designs of which you can choose from:

1. Luna glass tiles are cloudy in their appearance but that look projects a very peaceful mood.
2. Geometric shaped glass tiles are a mixture of light and dark colors usually black and white.
3. True glass tiles have bubbles in the tile and they are also felt on their surface.
4. Zumi glass tiles are made by folding a sheet of glass multiple times until it reaches a certain shade of color.
5. Stained glass tiles are a mixture of many different colors.
6. Katami glass tiles are cut in complex shapes and are made of many colors. Their intricately cut edges are fit together like puzzle pieces.
7. Sunshine glass tiles have a smooth, lustrous and vibrantly colored surface.
8. Water and sky glass tiles duplicate the water’s ripples.


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