Vycon Combines Sustainability, Variety, and Durability

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Interior

Wall Covering

Wall Covering

For interior designers and contractors, the ability to meet the needs of a client helps increase competitive advantage. When working with commercial contracts, some businesses have unique needs. Vycon contract wall covering has the superior selection that will allow designers and contractors to fulfill even unusual requests.

Vycon is a contract wall covering company that takes pride in its innovation. By listening to the needs of the market, the company is able to establish market trends instead of following them. They have a versatile line of wall covering styles ranging from Argento to Union Square. The color selection is just as broad, fitting in with commercial and residential décor.

Hospitals, restaurants, and retail outlets all have unique needs in terms of design. Hospitals want soothing colors and materials that are easy to clean. Restaurants need wall coverings that create an inviting atmosphere and often have a particular theme. While many retail outlets look for basic, inexpensive materials, upscale boutiques and specialty shops often demand a different type of wall covering.

Contractors and interior designers need to be able to take the client’s dream and design a unique vision to seal a deal. The next important step in this process is the ability to turn that dream into a reality. Durable products that are beautiful and versatile can make this process easier.

Vycon brand products can be the answer to this problem. Their product lines include a brand of economical products that stand out for their innovation and corporate responsibility. Many products may say they are “green;” however, their lines are expensive and not always practical. The Eco View line of products is different.

These products are durable as well as environmentally safe. The company strives to meet state standards and offers a variety of wall coverings made from recycled material, natural products, and sustainable fibers. The manufacturing process Vycon uses to create these product lines implements alternative energy and sustainable sources. They have become the forerunner of perfecting this process and created a brand identity that is becoming a market leader.

Vycon contact wall coverings don’t want to create commercial brand products. The company wants to create products that stand out and fill the needs of the market. Contractors and interior designers need to be visionaries to create a reputation. They should have a source for their wall covering needs that leads the way instead of follows the crowd.

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