Dale Tiffany lamps stand for true elegance

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Lighting

Dale Tiffany lamps have been known world over for their sophistication and elegance. Dale Tiffany is a world leader in designing and manufacture of classically styled tiffany lamps of best quality.

Since its establishment in 1979, Dale Tiffany has been manufacturing Tiffany-styled lamps and shades that finally led to famous creation of Dale Tiffany lamp. Dale Tiffany is famous for modern innovations and reproduction of timeless designs created by classic designers of America.

Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany Lamps

Dale Tiffany lamps are unique in designs since they are produced using different methods. Employing process of copper foil technique and utilising hand-rolled art glass, Dale Tiffany offers wide variety of products. Because of handcrafted process, each Dale Tiffany lamp that is produced is unique in its own way and becomes a treasured keepsake.

Every Dale Tiffany lamp glass shade is inspected to ensure consistency and brilliance in colour and structural integrity. Dale Tiffany lamps are then assembled and packed after testing. Original Dale Tiffany lamps are so exceptionally beautiful and rare that they will fetch as high as $2 million at any auction!

Considering that not many people can afford buying original Dale Tiffany lamp, there are many manufacturers now making beautiful contemporary Tiffany styled lamps. They combine artistic quality of stained glass designs with linen and fabric lamp shades. Tiffany designs are not restricted to lamp shades and no compromise has been made in making finest quality of lamps.

Contemporary Tiffany lamps capture classic essence and add sophisticated elegance even in highly modern homes.

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