Desk lamps of different styles

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Lighting

Desk lamps

Desk lamps

Desk lamps look like table fans but have a more specific function since they are used for providing illumination for certain tasks. They are particularly made for task lighting. Desk lamps are most ideal for typing work, or work on computer and for studies. Desk lamps are synonymous with study lamps. You can either place them on a desk, or can fit or connect to a shelf or any piece of furniture in your room with the help of clamps.

Desk lamps of different styles and types including banker, Tiffany and traditional model are available to suit your specific taste.

Tiffany desk lamps:

The desk lamps are most popular and unique for their style and elegance. These desk lamps are available in wood or metal base and designed with optional adjustable extension arms and glass shades. Tiffany lamps come in several styles in their own class.

Banker desk lamps:

Banker desk lamps with their gold pull chain and classic green glass shade create warm feeling. These desk lamps were initially used by the bankers to pore over their ledger books. Banker desk lamps brightly illuminate work area and make it convenient for bankers to work. As classic green style desk lamps became more popular, other models of different styles were gradually introduced in the market. With models both in contemporary and traditional versions, banker desk lamps are best suited for every home office.

Modern desk lamps:

Modern desk lamps are meant to satisfy those with greater sense of design, functionality and style. Modern desk lamps combine style with functionality and your options for variety are limitless.

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