Epoxy Garage Flooring in New York

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Flooring

Most people don’t like a dirty garage floor unless they believe it cannot be prevented. However, this can be prevented by a unique floor covering. Epoxy flooring is the kind of flooring that everyone can be proud of because it is so easy to keep clean. The surface is stabilized in that it doesn’t crack, peel, or develop pockets where the concrete shows. Effectively, epoxy flooring is like glass.

Epoxy is a flooring surface that is comprised of multiple layers of epoxy. The epoxy is applied to the floor at least two millimeters thick. Epoxy is a floor system that is comprised of resins and hardeners. These two components are mixed together and they create a chemical reaction that forms a very strong plastic material. It is resistant to deterioration and its has excellent bonding properties. Epoxy flooring is excellent for garages because the properties bond well to the concrete substrate. Epoxy garage floors are so strong that they can stand up to the most exacting mechanical work. One hundred percent solid solvents make the best epoxy covering.

Applying epoxy flooring to a garage floor requires the floor to be entirely free of any oil, grease, paint and accumulated dirt. Following cleaning, the concrete can be acid washed and the surface ground slightly with a floor sander or a rotating floor polisher with a sanding disk, and both of these items can be rented. Depending on the condition of the garage floor, it may need to be sand blasted if the floor has several imperfections deeper than 1/4 inch. A company that provides Garage Flooring in New York understands all of these pre-conditions.

The floor must be in a smooth condition and free of any products that might cause the epoxy to not adhere. Once the floor is ready for the epoxy, the epoxy product can be applied in a number of ways. If a marble or chip finish is desired, then the chips are broadcast over the floor, and the excess is scraped off the next day.

The floor is sealed within two days, and the garage floor will look like it belongs as part of the home. It will be very durable and very easy to clean. The low maintenance is an attractive feature. Even tire treads will not leave a mark on the floor in the summer.

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