Termite or Rodent Problem? Contact Exterminators in Vancouver

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Pest Control

It’s never good when homeowners see bugs or hear rodents moving around in their walls. Exterminators in Vancouver know that they have to work fast to keep the problem from getting worse. Not only can rats in walls chew wiring and cause expensive repair problems, they can leave droppings in air ducts and kitchen cabinets. These can lead to serious respiratory illnesses. Although homeowners want insect and rodent problems solved quickly, they prefer that exterminators use green methods. Homeowners often want to try other methods before pesticides are used.

They also want to feel safe when a technician arrives at their home. All technicians from Halt Pest Control Inc. have been screened for criminal convictions and drug use. They have also been well-trained in eco-friendly extermination methods. When they arrive at a home they will be able to identify both the infestation area and the source of that infestation. For example, they’ll note that there are termites on the rear deck outside the kitchen and treat it properly. Then they look for the source of the termites. If they see that the homeowner is storing their firewood adjacent to the deck, they will recommend moving the wood pile as far away from the house as is possible.

Insect and rodent control needs to be personalized to meet the needs of specific conditions. Therefore many exterminators guarantee their services for a specified time period. If the homeowner sees the problem return, the pest control company can come out and take additional steps to solve the problem. Some insects will return year after year and the homeowner should consider a long-term pest-management strategy.

Depending upon the problem the exterminator will develop an inspection and preventative treatment schedule. Keeping termites under control is essential to proper house maintenance. If moving the wood pile isn’t sufficient, then the homeowner will have to explore regular treatment measures. The technician will also school them on recognizing the early signs of termites. These include pencil-shaped dirt tunnels in the garden. These are the ways that termites travel. If these are near the house, it’s definitely time to call in the experts. More information on Business Name website.

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