For Efficient Air Conditioning Greenwood IN Homeowners Follow These Tips

Central air conditioning is the best way to keep your Indiana home comfortable during the summer months. To keep your air conditioner running efficiently, it is important to take a few simple steps to maintain your equipment. By changing your filter, keeping the coils clean and having your equipment serviced every year, you can ensure that your system runs smoothly and keeps your family cool year after year.


Your air conditioner filter traps dirt and dust to keep it from entering your home. The more efficient your filter is, the more energy your air conditioner will use to cool your home. To balance your home air quality with your energy usage, choose a filter with an average minimum efficiency reporting value and change it regularly. Air conditioner manufacturers and technicians recommend you change your filter at least once every month during the summer months. Your filter may need to be changed more frequently if you have furry pets.

Keep Coils Clean

Ensuring that you always have a clean filter in your air conditioning unit will help keep your coils clean. Dirty coils reduce the air flow and prevent Air Conditioning Greenwood IN homeowners depend on to keep them cool in the summer from operating efficiently. To keep the coils clean, make sure that you do not have any plants or weeds growing around your outdoor equipment. Foliage should be at least two feet away from your condenser. Leaves and cut grass should be removed regularly.

Annual Maintenance

To save money on Air Conditioning Greenwood IN homeowners trust reliable HVAC contractors such as All American Heating and Cooling to service their equipment every spring. Annual maintenance is the best way to find minor problems before they become major concerns. During the maintenance visit, your technician will inspect your unit, lubricate moving parts, clean the coils and make any necessary adjustments.

Keeping your equipment clean and having it serviced every year will help you save money on your summer energy bills. A dirty or improperly maintained unit costs more to operate and may break down more often. Those breakdowns can be prevented by paying attention to your equipment and following your technician’s instructions. more information.