Garage Flooring is a Matter of Many Choices

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Home Improvement

Garage flooring that makes cleaning the floor easier also makes the floor look spectacular. The many products available range from a special cement paint to an epoxy coated floor or a floor with tiles or carpet.

Carpet will be very difficult to clean in the winter and when oil and grease become embedded in it. Carpet is the least favorite option of the DIY home garage mechanic. Driving on carpet will eventually begin to mat the fibers down and this will detract from the looks of the entire floor.

Many garage floor specialists believe using a high quality paint is better than using an epoxy finish. Just as many, if not more, specialists believe the epoxy resin floor coating is the best because it is easier to clean and it does not show the grease and oil or tire tread marks in the summer, which is another consideration when choosing Garage Flooring.

The resin flooring system is ideal for garage work. It is also hygienic, chemical resistant, and anti-static. This flooring is engineered to last the longest of all garage flooring products. The value of this flooring long-term cannot be overstated since its life-span is very long if it is maintained properly. This material is relatively easy to apply. Advice can be obtained from us.

Laminate flooring is another favored Garage Flooring option because of its durability, and its engineered construction will be very durable. It comes in plank form and in many widths. This flooring can be easy to clean and keep clean. The overall value is perhaps its aesthetic appeal to the owner and visitors alike.

Many garage owners opt for the interlocking rubber tiles, which are durable and easy to maintain. They look like tiles on the floor, but this is not necessarily a bad look. It depends on the style of the tile and the color. Grease and oil can be spotted more easily than they can on an epoxy floor. The tiles are made by a variety of manufacturers, and each has a different thickness to accommodate heavy vehicles. If a tile becomes unsightly or is destroyed, you only need to replace that one tile.


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