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by | Aug 21, 2014 | Pest Control

Ants are the most destructive pests you can harbor in the home. The biggest mistake that people make when they discover that they are living in a place that is ant infested is trying to get an ant spray to help kill the few ants crawling about. This quick fix gets rid of the few ants crawling around. Unfortunately, the homeowners get dismayed when a few more keep showing up. This indicates that it is a better idea to get professional help when dealing with ants. Here are some tips that can help you get the Best Ant Control in Glen Burnie.

The damages that ants cause

•    Carpenter ants have special bacteria that eats away at wooden structures. Even though the carpenter ants aren’t wood consuming like termites, they eat holes through wood to create nests.

•    Carpenter ants have very painful bites.

•    They will feed on any food leftovers in the kitchen and garbage disposal.

It is important to note that ants do not travel or exist in small groups. If you are seeing a few crawling around the house, you should know that there is colony or nest somewhere close.

Things you didn’t know about ants

There is a certain enzyme that is contained in the saliva of carpenter ants. When they leave the colony to go hunt for food, they leave a special scent on the path they use. This way, other ants can follow them with ease. This is the reason even if you try to spray the few ants you come across at home, you will always come across a few more.

The colonies that the ants live in contain at least 2000-35000 ants. A colony can live for up to 15 years. This means that if you ignore a nest, you have a decade of destruction waiting to happen.

These are reasons you are advised to let an exterminator deal with ants. The expert will look for the nest, locate and destroy it, solving the problem permanently. They will also make use of the pesticides that are safe for you and your family. Visit here to learn more about the Best Ant Control in Glen Burnie.

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