Hiring the Best Emergency Locksmith 24 Hr in Manhattan Service

by | May 14, 2013 | Security

Today’s locksmiths do much more than put a lock on the front door of a home or business and call it a day. They have sophisticated equipment that can create zones of security within a business, monitor employee and customer activity and secure exits and entrances from thieves. Because thieves and vandals don’t always strike weekdays between 9am and 5pm, businesses need an Emergency Locksmith 24 Hr in Manhattan service. They need to be able to secure facilities any time of the day or night.

Operating a retail store is a challenging endeavor in busy Manhattan. The smallest store can find themselves busy at any time. A staff of one or two can be easily overwhelmed leaving the store vulnerable to shoplifting. A store owner can have an experienced locksmith install a closed circuit television system. That will allow only one employee to easily scan the sales floor. If suspicious activity is spotted, they will be able to keep an eye on it. If something illegal is done there is a video record of it, when the police arrive. Sometimes just the notice on the front door that video surveillance is being used is enough to deter criminal activity.

Retail stores are required by law to have several exits that open to the outside. This leaves them vulnerable to grab and go thieves. Locksmiths can put bars on the exit door that have a slight hesitation before they open. This hesitation conforms with guidelines established by a national fire safety board. When the thief pushes the bar to open the emergency exit an alarm goes off, but the door doesn’t open. An inexperienced thief might not realize that it will open in 10 seconds. They panic and throw down the merchandise and leave the store.

While the showroom floor should be open to the public, the receiving area should not. A store owner can have their locksmith install a keypad on all doors leading to private areas. When an employee leaves, it’s very easy to change the code. Of course if an employee is caught shoplifting at the close of business, the shop owner will have to call their Emergency Locksmith 24 Hr in Manhattan service to come install another lock on the front door.

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