How To Buy Hot Tubs In Virginia Beach

Hot tubs in Virginia Beach evoke the fantasy of having your own spa at home. Hot Tub and Spa are sometimes used interchangeably. If you have decided to invest in a hot tub, target to get the maximum out of your investment. There are many important features that need to be considered when buying a hot tub.

There are four basic types of design in hot tubs – inflatable/plastic, above-ground acrylic, in- ground and wooden tubs.

Constructional Features of Hot Tubs in Virginia Beach

Make sure to check out the following while buying the hot tubs:

The shell should not have any cracks or flaws and is made of solid foam or fiberglass. It must have high resistance to UV and temperature fluctuations The recommended material for the cabinetry in the above ground hot tubs in Virginia Beach is either wood or wood-type synthetic. A removable wall cabinet is easier for maintenance.

Heaters should have the elements wrapped around the water pipes and not exposed to the water. Discuss the power of the heater. A higher power will have better heating performance but will use more energy. The pump and filters should be easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. The pump should have a low noise level. Check the insulation of the shell. If it makes the servicing complex, look for layered insulation.

Comfort and Performance of Hot tubs in Virginia Beach

Do not hesitate to sit in the spa for the feel of the seating and the configuration. Check out the in-spa controls. Stores also allow a wet-test with hot water in the tub that will enable you to ascertain the comfort of the tub. Look for the seating depth, foot space, comfortable head rest and ease of entry and exit.

Configuration of the jet is a personal choice. You can opt for a single jet or up to 160 jets. There are also many different types of jets available. Depending upon your priority of a hydro-massage or quiet and smooth soaking, you can choose the number and types of the jets. Make sure that they are programmable and have in-spa controls for your comfort.

Efficiency and Maintenance of Hot tubs in Virginia Beach

A low efficiency hot tub can be a money drainer with high operating cost. Higher efficiency hot tubs will have a good insulation around the shell to keep water warm for a longer time. It should also have a cover to insulate the barrier around the bar top.

Another important consideration while shopping for hot tubs is the ease of maintenance. You should be able to enjoy your hot tub for a long time without investing much time in keeping it clean and sparkly. Premium spas have small and continuous circulation pumps to filter the water. Spas with exterior made of simulated wood synthetic material are easier to maintain than natural wood. Discuss the ease of maintenance features with your hot tubs in Virginia Beach vendor.

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