How to Prevent Foundation Problems in Houston

Foundation problems in Houston are usually unexpected and always unwelcome. The combination of clay soils and poor foundation planning can set you up for a serious foundation failure or a problem that costs a lot of money to repair. A simple issue with your foundation can cause your entire structure to become unstable. There are a few things you should consider and do to prevent costly repairs on an existing or planned building.

New Site Construction

Preventing foundation problems in Houston for new building sites requires doing a little investigating before construction begins. Has there ever been a foundation on the property before? Have there been areas filled in, such as old septic systems or ditches? Have old underground tanks been removed? How close are any of these to an area where you might want to install a foundation? The answers to these questions can and should dictate where you build, as they will determine the stability of the substructure.

Older Construction

Older buildings frequently suffer foundation problems in Houston when the high clay content of the soil has set up a structure for foundation failure or when there has been no attempt to set it on piers. Trees and moisture can also be the big culprits in causing foundation problems, when decaying roots cause foundations to crack and collapse, and new trees grow roots into existing foundations. If the area collects water after heavy rains, it can make the soil swell and cause damage to the construction, too. That is why it’s important to notice these problems and to stabilize your foundation promptly as a preventative measure.

Salvaging Slab Foundations

Building on slab foundations is a very popular method and can be done, if the right prevention methods are employed to avoid foundation problems in Houston. Piers or pilings can be installed to provide permanent stabilization for the structure. Proper calculations by a qualified engineer can determine the right dimensions and thickness for a slab foundation needed to make a building that lasts.

The most important thing to keep in mind in order to not have a foundation problem in Houston is to be on top of the planning and design of any structure. It’s also wise to do some homework about an existing structure to find out where problems can occur and why. This will allow you to be ahead of the game and put measures in place that can prevent a serious problem before it even starts.

Investing a little money now in shoring up existing foundations, or putting the best designs in place for new construction, can save a lot of money in the long run. A strong and stable foundation will prevent cracked walls, roof problems, and building shifting, which are issues that could cost you more at the end. For more information you can visit Business Name
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