How To Select Your Refrigeration Service In Centerville

by | Feb 22, 2012 | Home Electronics & Electrical

A refrigeration service in Centerville should be called when dealing with complex commercial units, like, chilled water systems, walk-in coolers, freezers and ice machines. To find a reliable service company once the equipment has broken down can be time consuming and frustrating and you might not even find the right service specialist. A little bit of advance planning and a service contract can make the maintenance and repair work run smoothly. Look at the tips below to select your refrigeration service in Centerville.

Ask For A Maintenance Plan For Refrigeration Service In Centerville

The maintenance plan should include the timeframe and test plan for the systems. If you use more than one refrigeration system for your business, they all should be under the maintenance plan. Regular service should include cleaning, monitoring and testing along with any other warranty work. Repair plan should be detailed and should specify the turnaround time for resolutions. The technician should be readily available in case you have an emergency breakdown.

Other factors to consider are if you can get a discount with the signing of a preventive maintenance contract, if the service company will provide an annual cost analysis on every piece of equipment thus allowing the customers to identify the equipments that are operating at less than desired efficiency. During the maintenance work, the technician needs to ensure that the systems are operating at maximum efficiency and peak performance.

Knowledge And Experience Of The Technicians For Refrigeration Service In Centerville

Commercial refrigeration systems tend to be complex and have many parts. If you have more than one commercial system then it is all the more important to have a company with varied experience for all kinds of refrigeration systems. The technicians should have the required certification for commercial refrigeration service. Talk to the service company if they have updated training sessions and technique enhancement programs for their technicians.

The BBB is a good source to check the history on customer issues resolutions. Get referrals and checkout those referrals. Talk to at least three service companies before making your decision. Cheapest quote is not always the best. Balance the service offerings and other value adds along with the quoted price.

Parts Accessibility For Refrigeration Service In Centerville

Factory parts can sometimes have long lead times and are not easy to get. A service company that has easy access to the factory repair parts is extremely beneficial. The replacement parts also need to match the brand of your refrigeration systems or it has the risk of the warranty getting void. Talk to you refrigeration service in Centerville about their policy and procedures for parts replacement when a particular part is out of stock if they will be able to provide a short term fix but replace it later with the correct part.

Selecting the right refrigeration service Centerville will ensure that you are getting the quality service you deserve for your business and your equipment. For more information go to website.

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