Kitchens West Sussex

Got a good deal with the purchase of the new house? Was it because the kitchen was substandard? Whatever the reason, it’s now time to upgrade the cupboard units and appliances. So what happens next? Do it yourself? Well it’s possible but the ever changing building regulations will be a headache and a Corgi register plumber may be needed to name but two of the potential problems. The time that is available for this project will also be a limiting factor. It’s best to call in one of experts involved with kitchens in West Sussex.

Design ideas

Showrooms are always full of ideas as to what can be achieved with floor units, wall units, small kitchens, large kitchens, galley kitchens or farm house style kitchens with a variety of appliances fridges, freezers, microwaves, cookers and hobs. Some will be free standing others will be integrated. Different colours will be on show too. The units on display will show off some of the different styles, quality and colour of doors and worktops that are available, as well as how cooker hoods and waste bins can be incorporated into the top cupboards or floor units. Drawer space can utilized by cutlery dividers, plate holders, pan dividers and other partitions. Odd sized space gaps can be utilised by towel rails, or a 300 mm wide unit can be fitted that can house a spice rack, bottles or cleaning utensils.


The variety of sinks is amazing. Single bowls or double bowls, one and a half bowls which can incorporate a waste disposal machine are all on display. The choice of sink will also help determine the choice of taps. Sinks with one predrilled hole will need a mixer tap. Few sinks have two holes predrilled. A sink with no holes will require wall mounted taps. Floor units are normally 70 cm high or two metres tall.  A worktop is supported by the smaller units and the tall units will hide long handled brooms and mops from sight. Corner units are available too, with or without storage trays. Top units normally hide the more inaccessible items and may include a cooker hood. Do you have the space for a separate laundry room for a washing machine and dishwasher? The experts involved with kitchens in West Sussex can help you decide.

Sussex Kitchens Designs are experts involved with kitchens in West Sussex. They welcome visitors to their showroom. For more information telephone them on 01403 240855 or visit their webpage