Landscaping with AC Landscaping in Long Island NY

There is considerable beauty in nature and an increasing appreciation for this beauty is part of the reason for the growing popularity of using Flagstone And Boulders in today’s landscaping projects. The combination of the two used in a yard can do so much to improve the look and add value to the home.

Flagstone – The term flagstone is not just one particular stone. It refers to the way it is prepared from the quarry. Any rock that is able to be cut or mined into thin slabs is called flagstone. Rocks that lend themselves to a slab formation are easier to use for this purpose however, so sedimentary rocks are usually what you’ll see. Sandstone, slate and limestone are among the more popular. Because sedimentary rocks have picked up their color from what occurred thousands of years ago, they come in a variety of colors. For example, stone from Pennsylvania is usually blue flagstone whereas that which comes from other areas is often red in color. So, when ordering flagstone for your project, be sure you are ordering the color you desire. Flagstone can be used for a number of purposes, but is most often used for walkways and patios.

Boulders – Having even more variation are boulders. The earth is full of boulders in every color, size, shape and content that you can imagine. Almost as diverse as boulders are is the way in which they can be utilized in your yard. Boulders can be a decorative accent especially when they have a unique composition and/or shape. They can be the focal point of a garden. They can also serve more useful purposes such as retaining walls, seating and for kids to climb on. A popular use for boulders and smaller rocks is to create a water feature such as a waterfall or babbling brook feature.

The nice thing about AC Landscaping families should know is that they can use both in a yard because coloring can be similar, thus they can be used together to create a stunning yard. Imagine a fire pit made out of a boulder surrounded by flagstone and more boulders for seating.