Learning All About Screened In Porches In Minneapolis, Minnesota

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Home Improvement

Installing a screened in porch is a win-win for every homeowner. They will enjoy hours in the new space, and it adds to the value of their home. Outdoor living spaces, of all sorts, are popular. A screened in porch allows the owner to enjoy a cool breeze, without worrying about insects. The porch can be used for a dining area, relaxation space or a playroom.

If you are interested in Screened in Porches Minneapolis MN, visit Nwfamn.com. They are a home improvement company that installs windows, screened in porches, vinyl siding and much more. Screened in porches come in a variety of styles, and it’s a good idea that the addition blend in with the rest of the home. This can be achieved by using similar materials and colors. How the porch is designed is really determined by its use. Some people add the room to extend the kitchen, or it can be an extra gathering place for the family.

Many people who live in temperate areas use the porch as a living room. They add sofas, curtains and carpeting. Further, a screened in porch makes a perfect guest room. When it is hot outside, your guests will love sleeping on the porch. Sometimes, a screened in porch, can be more than a porch. The screened in area can be a pavilion, built on top of an existing patio.

Sun-rooms are very similar to Screened in Porches, Minneapolis, MN. However, there are big differences. A sun-room is an interior room, with lots of windows, that allow you to enjoy the outside view. Heating and air are added to a sun-room, so it can be used year-round. Sun-rooms are usually more expensive, because homeowners have to pay for the windows. Perhaps, the biggest difference is that weather affects the screened in porch. A blowing rain could make it wet and uncomfortable on the porch. Additionally, people may not want to be on the porch if it’s windy. The weather doesn’t affect the sun-room, at all. The choice of which addition to install, is a matter of personal taste. Either addition lets the sun shine in.


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