Memory Foam Mattress Chicago Experts Discuss the Top Four Myths

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Home Improvement

Have you been considering purchasing a memory foam mattress Chicago product? If so, you have probably done some research and come across some myths about this type of product that makes you unsure about your decision. Here are some of the more common myths with the truth about them from your memory foam mattress experts.

Myth #1: You can choose any density of memory foam because it’s all the same.
When you’re choosing a memory foam mattress, the density is very important. You shouldn’t just choose any density regardless of the myth that it’s all the same. In fact, you should be looking for a memory foam mattress with a density that is between two and four pounds. If you choose something less, such as a one inch density, it isn’t going to offer ample resistance and your body will simply conform to the mattress underneath, which is just a waste of money. If you choose a density that is too high, though, you could feel like you’re sinking into the memory foam which could cause you to be uncomfortable all night.

Myth #2: Memory foam mattresses are too expensive.
One of the main myths about memory foam mattresses is that they are more expensive than other options. This is one thing that holds many consumers back from buying a memory foam bed. But with recent advancements in the technology and the competition between companies, prices have come down significantly for quality memory foam mattresses. If you compare the price of a memory foam mattress with other types of mattresses these days, you’ll find some that are in the same price range, making them a viable option.

Myth #3: Memory foam is the same as latex foam.
There is actually a huge difference between memory foam and latex foam. Latex foam is made from rubber while memory foam mattresses are typically made from polyurethane. These are two very different materials with different textures, features and levels of comfort.

Myth #4: The smell of the memory foam mattress is harmful.
Like many new products, your memory foam mattress Chicago product will have an odor when you first purchase it. However, the odor is often slight and it is not at all harmful. It’s simply the result of oxidation that occurs when you unpack the memory foam mattress for the first time. It will disappear in just a few days after it airs out properly.

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