One of the Most Necessary Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City

Those who own swimming pools, both in-ground and above ground, know that they need to treat their pools with special chemicals regularly in order to keep the water clean and clear, and free of contaminants. In addition to regular chemical treatments, it is also important to shock the pool regularly. This is when certain chemicals are added that will kill any organic substances that are in the pool. This is something that all pool owners should have plenty of. While shocking is usually done during regular maintenance, it may also need to be done in between other treatments. Many pool owners do it regularly in order to be sure that they have clean water for swimming. Visit website for more information.

Shock can be purchased where other swimming pool supplies in Kansas City are available. Before shocking a pool, inspect the water. There are many signs that shock is needed, such as cloudy water or algae growth. If there is algae, the water will have a greenish tinge to it, or there may simply be small growths on the sides and bottom of the pool. There are odors that can alert pool owners to the necessity of shocking. If there is a strong chlorine odor, shock is needed, as this is caused by the reaction between organic matter and pool chemicals. It is imperative that a pool be shocked if there is any sign of algae growth.

If a pool is used by a lot of people, it is a good idea to use regular shock treatments. For instance, if there has been a pool party with many people in the pool, there are going to be organic compounds in the water that can only be removed by shock. Pool owners will need to check chlorine levels in the pool. If the level is lower than 1.0 part per million (ppm), it is time for a shock treatment. The easiest way to know what the levels are is to use a test kit, which can be found where other pool supplies are purchased. Shock and other pool supplies can be found at Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs.