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by | Jun 21, 2012 | Home Decor Products

Glass and mirrors have so many uses in architectural design and the auto motor industry. Glass can be molded into a variety of shapes, textures, and transparency depending on the use. The thickness and decorations of the glass also vary depending on taste and utility. Glass and mirror companies provide a variety of these products along with installation services.

Mirrors and glass used for architectural purposes can be anything from simple, clean cut geometrically shaped glass to intricately designed pieces. Glass can be used as glass doors in bathrooms, on windows, and on furniture pieces such as table tops. On the other hand, mirrors can be used decoratively in the design of the house, or used on dressers and bedrooms for the obvious purposes.

The following are some of the products provided by glass and mirror companies:

Bathroom doors and mirrors are some of the common products from glass and mirror companies. The glass doors and windows used in bathrooms are usually translucent but this generally depends on the client’s desires. There are also fully transparent shower doors. These shower doors can either be sliding doors or mounted on hinges. The design of the door will depend on the client and the Austin glass and mirror companies deliver depending on the client’s directives. The mirrors used in bathrooms can also be half-length or full-length and come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Interior design glass and mirror varieties are also provided by the companies. Glass and mirrors have various decorative purposes within the home. Mirrors can be used on the whole length of walls to give an illusion of a large room. Glass can also be used as glass walls in the home. Depending on the various size and design requirements, the glass and mirror companies can provide glass based on the dimensions required by the client.

Tabletops and case display glass are also common products from Austin glass and mirror companies. Tabletop glass should be durable and strong enough to handle heavy objects placed on the table. The glass companies produce a variety of thickness in glass for various purposes including tabletops and the glass cases. The companies also provide repair services for broken tabletops.

Austin glass and mirror companies also provide a range of products for the auto motor industry. Glass parts such as windshields, windows, and side mirrors are just some of the glass products from glass and mirror companies. These glass parts are also available for repair services of vehicles. They can also be custom designed for maximum durability and safety. High-density glasses such bulletproof glass can be used in windshield repair. These different types of glass come in a variety of affordable costs.

Austin Glass and Mirrors Glass products have become quite versatile and affordable in recent time due to a variety of new technology that can achieve different qualities of glass.  Visit our website to learn more.

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