Save Money and Time with Bathroom Remodeling in Syracuse

by | May 23, 2013 | Home Improvement

Are you ready to say goodbye to your out-dated bathroom, but you are concerned about the costs? Do not worry. You can have a beautiful bathroom at the fraction of the cost of most Bathroom Remodeling Syracuse. Many homeowners are saving money by simply giving their existing bathroom a face-lift. The installation is generally done in a day and there is no demolition work involved. Further, the bathroom will be usable the same day that the remodel is completed. Nothing is easier and more cost effective. It is time to up-grade your bathroom.

The secret to this design rests in the custom-molded acrylic tub. A trained technician will come into your home and take precise measurements of your current tub. Those numbers are entered into a computer software program, and are used to build your new tub. The tub will fit over your existing tub. Thus, there is no demolition. However, it gets better. The same method can be used for a shower liner. The best Bathroom Remodeling Syracuse will have several color choices to pick from.

By changing your out-dated bathroom for a Bathroom Redesign you are saving money, time and adding value to your home. Further, in many cases, you will have saved about half of the cost of a traditional remodeling job that would be messy and include demolition. A traditional remodel would not allow for access to your bathroom in the same day either. However, the cost-saving solution will work for homeowners who want to save money and get the job done fast.

The acrylic that is used in the design is worry-free. For example, it resists stains, will not chip or fade. Thus, it will hold its value. There is no worry about dropping a bottle and damaging the acrylic. Further, the acrylic is easy to clean. You will enjoy spending time in your worry-free bathroom. Your friends and family will not believe how quickly and beautifully your bathroom was transformed. Further, any style can be accommodated thanks to the varied color pallet and design features available. Take your time and browse the options today.

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