Solar Energy – Not Just For the Sunshine State

Rising energy costs and a push toward helping the environment have encouraged many home and business owners to seek renewable alternatives. A common misconception is that solar panels only are beneficial in geographical areas that receive more than 300 days of sunlight per year. A conversation with a Solar Installer NJ will reveal that even regions which experience much cloud cover can benefit from solar panels.

The benefits of solar energy begin with the electric bill. The exact amount of savings will depend on the amount of energy the system generates and the amount the facility consumes. Since most solar power systems are connected to the energy grid, the home or business owner will receive credits for energy produced, but not used at their location. Finding an informative Solar Installer NJ will help the owner gain more knowledge about the installation details. The installation experts may also be able to offer information regarding available credits or financial incentives that state and federal governments offer for installing green energy systems. It is imperative to fully research incentive programs prior to the start of a project, to ensure full enjoyment of the benefits.

One concern some have regarding the purchase of a solar system is the cost. A Solar Installer NJ will provide an exact price quote for the needs of the home or business. In general, the price of solar energy systems is decreasing, while the government incentives are increasing. Various financing options are now offered as well, to encourage homes and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints. As with any home improvement project, the standard payment options exists, such as home equity loans and refinancing of the mortgage. Other flexible options are solar leases and power purchase agreements.

Homeowners and businesses alike may also worry about solar panel maintenance. The solar power system will require surprisingly little supplemental work. The cleaning of the panels can be done at the same time as the gutter cleaning, about twice per year. Also, the Solar Installer NJ will inform the owner about a part that will need replacing after about 15 years. Most solar power systems will need full replacement after 30 years. With the greater amount of incentives, the lowered cost, the more flexible payment options and the ever important benefits, purchasing a solar power system to provide energy to a home or business can be an exciting improvement.