The Right Doors Make All the Difference

Industrial and commercial businesses that have a high traffic flow need doors that can meet the demand of constant use while offering the owner an efficient way to cut costs. High speed doors in Aston, PA have been manufactured for high profile businesses that are energy conscious. This type of door helps waste less time and money by allowing an increased flow of traffic. Another positive reason to use high speed doors is the need to reduce airborne pollutants that tend to spread and make people ill the longer doors are held open.

High Speed Doors Are Beneficial

High speed doors move at speeds that calculate up to one hundred inches per second. A standard door operates at nine inches per second. The dramatic difference in timing shows that high speed doors operate more efficiently and productively. In the long run this adds up to savings when it comes to time, utilities, energy, and labor costs. When a high speed door is stuck it breaks away with little damage and is easy to reset for immediate operation within minutes. The doors are constructed to handle high traffic with very little need for maintenance and repairs when they are compared to standard doors.

The Many Types and Styles of High Speed Doors

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Clear PVC
  • Anodized Aluminum Slats
  • Stainless Steel
  • Roll-Up Doors

Let the Professionals Guide You

Door companies can help you choose a great high speed door that fits your needs. There are many types of high speed doors that can be used for interior and exterior purposes. Skilled professionals are always ready to help you find the door that works best for your business. When you talk to an experienced technician, they will guide you through the process of purchasing a set of high speed doors, cover any installation questions and offer you maintenance information should you need it in the future. Twenty four hour service is also offered to entrepreneurs so their business is not interrupted should their doors need repaired.  With technicians that are knowledgeable about every type high speed door installed, you are ensured quality service any time of day or night. When you need to save time and money, you can start by having high speed doors installed.

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