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by | Sep 14, 2012 | Roofing

Installing a roof is not only an intricate task but it is also risky. Whenever you have any roofing task at hand, it is imperative to work with a roofer. The roles of roofers are diverse. The responsibilities of the roofer Philadelphia will depend on your needs. For instance, the tasks performed when installing a new roof may be different from those conducted when repairing an existing one. The roles of roofers may be summarized as follows;

* Planning – It does not matter whether you are having a new roof installed or the existing one repaired – the roofer Philadelphia has to plan appropriately. For new roofs installation, the roofing expert has to decide on the roofing materials needed. It is also his duty to estimate the costs to be incurred in the entire project. For existing roof repairs, planning also comes in handy. Planning entails drawing a course of action to be followed. The plan will guide the roofer as well as his employees in executing the plan at hand.

* Before the roofing task commences, the right roofing materials have to be obtained. It is the duty of the roofer Philadelphia to obtain all the necessary roofing materials. As the client, you just have to finance the purchase but leave the task of procurement to the roofers. There are different types of roofs and the materials purchased will depend on the type of roof being installed. It is easy to purchase roofing materials through contractors as they are often in touch with many suppliers.

* Though the task of purchasing roofing materials is left to the roofer, the client is also involved. Once the materials have been purchased, it is the duty of the client to inspect them in order to ensure that they meet the quality standards. Inspection of materials help you ensure that inferior materials are not used on your roof. High quality roofing materials result into a roof that is not only durable but also appealing.

* In some countries and states, it is a mandatory requirement to obtain a license before entering a roofing contract. In such a case, it will be the duty of the roofer to obtain such a license. The roofing contractor will liaise with the right authorities to ensure that the needed permits are obtained. It is often advisable to work with licensed roofers. If the roofing contractor has some employees, it is his duty to ensure that his employees are insured as well.

* The main reason why it is advisable to work with an insured contractor is to avoid incurring costs in case of an accident. Roofing is a risky activity and injuries are common. When an insured worker gets injured, you are not liable to pay the treatment costs as they are covered by the insurance.

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