Heating Pumps in Newnan- Advanced Technology

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Home Electronics & Electrical

Problems have been found in old types of heat pumps’ so the experts continued various experiments; hence they come up with modified features. People living in Newnan can get an advanced heating system to maintain temperature in both summers, and winters. One such a latest creation is RCC, which means reverse cycle chiller, moreover this has different kinds of air transfer systems including radiant floor, and forced air. It provides more heat in winters, consuming less energy thereby reducing the electricity bills.

The system is good for those areas where there is a scarcity of gas, but electricity is available. However, it can be driven with some other fuel sources, which reduce the cost a lot. RCC heating pump system includes features as, 12 SEER, air source pump, one speed, and big size compared to rest of the systems. It has a large water tank built with heavy insulation, keeping the home cool in summers, and hot in winters. Fan coils along with ducts are inserted in the system, which carry water to the house, cooling or heating the air. In very cold season, the system is enhanced through radiant floor technology.

RCC heating pump system is very common in Newnan, because ducts do not easily get heat up, which happens in old type of air source pumps. In this type water is used to store heat in the tank, which defrosts the coils instead of room air. This technology also shows high performance at low temperature, which is not possible in old types. It helps to generate hot water to radiant floor when the external temperature is negative. The system also has RHR i.e. refrigeration heat reclaimer, which saves energy by producing free hot water for home usage instead of just providing hot, and cold air. This combined technology of RCC, and RHR is twenty five percent costly than a standard pump having same size, but as it has so many advantages, which pays off the extra cost easily.

There is another advanced pump known as cold climate pump, which includes two compressors with cylinders, two various speeds, an additional compressor which acts as a backup booster to work in negative temperatures, a plate which exchanges the heat. This heating system is also available in Newnan, but not in big quantity, however there are many companies which are trying to improve their production in this regard. Moreover, it has been researched that it is 60 percent more efficient than standard types.

Among latest technology there is another type like ‘all climate heat pump’, which is good even for extremely cold weathers. When installed, it can reduce 25 to 60 percent of cost for cooling, or heating, saving lots of energy as well. This is good for bigger buildings, or campuses due to its qualities and size, so it can serve a big space, which is not possible with smaller units. Though its initial cost is more, but this makes the life time energy cost less. The system is easily available for home consumers.

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