Top Reasons Why Apollo Grow Lights Are Beneficial To Your Plants

Apollo grow lights are very beneficial to gardeners worldwide. They are affordable, long lasting, and they can make a lot of difference to your plant growth. Apollo grow lights are made up from a selection of LED bulbs, giving them a wider surface area when it comes to targeting your plants. The following are the main reasons why these lights can be so beneficial to growers and their plants.

  1. Less Energy. LED grow lights consume 75% less energy when compared to other lighting products such as diodes and fluorescents. This can save growers a lot of money over the long term course of things, as they won’t have to continually replace bulbs. Their energy bills will reflect a decrease as well. It is said that LED grow lights can last up to 20 times longer, making them a prime choice for your greenhouse lighting needs.
  2. Soil Type. Before you purchase your Apollo grow lights, you should first take into account the soil you use. LED grow lights are very beneficial to those who use hydroponic or soil-based beds for their plants. LED grow lights encourage plant growth, and they are relatively inexpensive considering the number of advantages that they provide.
  3. Low Heat. LED grow lights do not emit a lot of heat. They are very energy efficient, and their low heat output is good for plants. It is a common fact that excessive heat is not good for plants. Gardeners around the world understand the effects of extreme heat on outdoor plants. They deteriorate under the intense heat, and become less effective at absorbing nutrients and water. The same principle is applied to indoor plants. Indoor plants can easily become burned due to harsh lighting conditions, so LED lights are the way to go if you want to avoid this scenario.
  4. Place Them Closer to the Plants. LED grow lights can also be placed much closer to the plants. This gives the plants a targeted light source that directly encourages photosynthesis. Having your grow light too far away will not be good for your plants. LED grow lights do not have this issue, and they can be placed closer to the plant without damaging or burning them.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using LED grow lights in your greenhouse. They are widely accessible, affordable, and energy efficient enough that every grower should at least see what they have to offer.