Upgrading Your Plumbing in Carrollton – Need a New Water Heater?

When you think of plumbing, you probably think of pipes, faucets, and lots of water where it shouldn’t be. But there are other plumbing jobs that a good plumber takes care of that can improve the efficiency of your home, helping you to cut down on energy use and making your life more convenient. One plumbing job here in Carrollton that many home owners benefit from is the replacement of your water heater. This can add value to your home and help you to cut costs in the long run.

Go Tankless

One of the best ways to get your hot water needs met is by having a tankless water heater installed in your home. Tankless systems do not hold a large amount of hot water, constantly heating it until it is needed. Instead, they heat the water on demand. That means you’re only heating water when you need hot water. Tankless water heaters take up much less space, since there’s no giant tank of water. A popular upgrade to new and older homes these days is the installation of a tankless water heater.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Energy costs have been rising consistently. The problem for many people is that no matter how much they try to save on energy bills, they can’t control how often their water heater heats up water. With a system that requires a big tank, you are always heating water, whether you need it or not. Tankless water heaters only use energy when you are actually using the hot water, giving you back control over how much power you use.

Over time, your savings will add up. As a plumbing job, installing a tankless water heater is usually fast and inexpensive. The cost of the water heater itself will be paid off as you save money on your power bill. And eventually the water heater will pay for itself because it saves you money every single month.

Improve Home Value

These savings do not go unnoticed by potential buyers. Only the best systems attract serious buyers, and with the real estate market as it has been, any advantage you can get is worth investing in. The value of your home will rise when you make improvements, especially money saving improvements. This may help you with your next appraisal or with the sales price. Or it may help you because you have technology that the other for sale homes on the block do not have.