Video Surveillance is Not Just for Catching Thieves

Smile.  You’re being watched. This sign can be seen in shops, restaurants, and establishments of all kinds across the country.   Its purpose is to let potential shop lifters know that there is a security camera watching them even if the employees are not.  Video surveillance is far from a new technology, although the quality of the cameras and equipment continues to get better and better.  Due to the less expensive, high quality systems, the new trend in surveillance is to not only monitor high theft areas, but monitor employee areas as well.

Protecting Your Business from All Angles
Although you would like to believe that all of your employees are honest and trustworthy, time and time again business owners have been taken advantage of by their own employees.  Video surveillance Seattle systems can deter theft. By keeping some of the cameras pointed at the employees too, internal theft will be less likely as well.  The cameras will also keep employees on their best behavior.

Areas to Watch
The surveillance system can be accessed wirelessly via smart phone or tablet.  This means that even when you are not at the business, you will still know what is happening there in real time.  You can easily keep your eyes on the break room or stock room.  You can also take note of when people arrive and leave.  You could also use these cameras to help your employees.  For instance, if someone had a question about the price of an item, they could hold it up to a camera and you could instantly give them an answer.  Cameras are not meant to make it seem like big brother is always watching, but they can keep things working more smoothly.  If there ever is an incident which needs addressed, you can also use the surveillance footage as evidence.