What Can Homeowners Expect From a Water Restoration Company in Indianapolis IN?

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Home Improvement

There are many reasons water might invade a home and cause damage. Broken pipes, damaged appliances, storms, and floods can all cause water damage in a home. It is especially difficult to deal with when flood waters enter a home because they can bring with them parasites and bacteria which can be harmful. It is important a homeowner dealing with flood damage contacts a Water Restoration Company in Indianapolis IN.

A restoration company is a first responder after flooding has occurred. They work to clean up the mess left behind and protect the home from experiencing further damage. They also work to restore the home to its former condition before the waters caused damage. Before a restoration company is called, it is crucial a homeowner reports a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company will approve the restoration company’s services and they can come out and begin taking care of the damage.

Most insurance settlements will cover the cleanup process but it is important a homeowner learns their responsibilities so they can ensure their claim will be approved for a settlement. Documentation is crucial for providing information to the insurance adjuster so they can process the claim.

The steps involved in the cleanup process will include:

* Removal of any standing water

* Reduction of humidity

* Survey of damage

* Cleanup

* Restoration

The time the process will take will depend on the degree of damage and how much water entered the home. These teams have high-powered submersible pumps that are used to remove any standing water. They also use special fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture in the home so mold and mildew do not become a problem. The company will work with the homeowner and their insurance company to ensure the damage is taken care of.

A Water Restoration Company in Indianapolis IN can take care of all of the issues surrounding the damage left behind after a flood. If you would like further information on the services they provide, Contact Klean Restoration. They will survey your damage and help you restore it.

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