What is window glazing?

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Doors and Windows

Window glazing is the glass part of a window. The glazing is that which is mounted in the window, held in by glazing compound, or putty, and a frame which supports and holds the glass in position. When a broken window is repaired, the process is called “reglazing.” It is not only when a window breaks that it needs to be reglazed, with modern energy efficient glazing available today, may people are replacing all their float glass panes to energy-efficient panes. The job of installing the glazing is done by glaziers in Sutton.

Glaziers are people who specialize in installing glass, and their trade is part of the construction industry. Glaziers are responsible for taking on reglazing projects where the owner wants to retain the original window frame. For installations to be done by a general contractor or carpenter, a completely new window is needed. The new window can be ordered to a custom size or in the case of a new home, the windows will be standard sizes. Glaziers in Sutton usually work in a company that provides completely new windows and this being the case, they glazier will make the installation.

For years, windows were simply single glazed with a single pane of rolled glass or flat float glass. This is no longer the case; windows are now double and triple glazed to provide superior insulation. With better insulation, the building becomes far more energy efficient by reducing the loss of heat through the glazing. To enhance the comfort in the building, glass can be tinted to help keep out the direct rays from the sun. Tinting is done through the application of a thin sheet of polymer which makes the interior cooler in the summer months. Many local councils are offering subsidies to homeowners as an incentive to install energy-efficient windows.

In many older homes, the owners often want to retain the original window frames as they are architecturally compatible with the house. It can be quite complex to duplicate these older windows in a joinery so glaziers in Sutton are called in to replace the original single glazing with double or triple glazing in-situ. Although they are difficult to locate, there are companies that specialize on renovating and renewing vintage windows, doors and other components impossible to duplicate. During the restoration, which requires removal of the entire window, the glazing can be changed.

Although the primary concern is to increase the energy efficiency of the building, the choices do not just have to be flat float glass. Although flat glass is the norm, glaziers can install etched, tinted or textured glass for privacy reasons or stained glass, which is not only a work of art, but adds privacy where it’s installed.

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