What Is Your Favorite Hand Dryer?

In the course of a single day on any day of the week in any week of the year our hands are going to get wet at least more than once. Maybe coincidental as part of something we are doing; anything from washing dishes to going for a swim. It could be accidental such as when we get caught outside in heavy rain or, it could be deliberate when we decide to wash our hands for whatever reason. The result is that we have wet hands very often.

What Do You Do About Wet Hands?

Obviously, step one is to dry them. Do you just wave them about a bit and hope that natural evaporation will remove all the liquid? Or do you make a conscious effort to actually dry them? If so, how do you accomplish that aim and are you doing it efficiently? Rising above these question is the all important one of – are you drying your hands in a hygienic manner? Modern science has taught us that all sorts of deadly diseases can be spread by unsanitary hand washing and drying habits.

It should be safe to assume that, within the comforts of our own homes, we have the best practices when it comes to what we use to wash our hands and how we subsequently dry them. But few, if any of us, can afford the luxury of never venturing outside our homes – even if we were eccentric enough to wish to live that way purely to ensure that we stayed in a sterile environment.

Strangely enough, within this safe home environment, our Hand Dryer of choice is usually that piece of absorbent textile that we call a towel –usually made from a piece of so called “terry toweling”. As a Hand Dryer, it is fairly efficient (depending upon the absorbency of the material) in as much as our hands do feel dry after toweling. But, if there were still germs left in the water on our hands, where did they go to? They either stayed on our hands or got transferred onto the towel to wait for its next user.

You May Be Safer Outside The Home

Because there are so many rules and regulations when it comes to public (and workplace) facilities for washing your hands, you are almost assured that such places will be run to accepted sanitary standards. Today, you rarely see cloth towels for hand drying. In most cases, there will be at least one electric Hand Dryer installed to blast that wetness off your hands.

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