What Should Homeowners Know About Termite Control Services in Wellington Florida?

There is one pest that can cause a lot of damage in a home or commercial building and it is the termite. Termites consume wood and large colonies can leave behind great destruction over the years. Being aware of the signs of termites is crucial for homeowners so they will know when to call the Termite Control Services in Wellington Florida. Getting help from these professionals will help to ensure a home is protected.

Signs of Termite Problems

Homeowners need to be aware of the signs of termites in their home so they can take immediate action. It is also important individuals are able to recognize the signs of termites when purchasing a home. If any of the following signs are noticed, a homeowner needs to make sure they seek Termite Control Services in Wellington Florida.

  • Many homeowners do not realize they have a termite problem until they begin to experience weakened wood. Weak wood furniture, walls, and flooring can all be caused by termites chewing away.
  • When termites consume wood, they leave behind a waste product called frass. This may be seen in piles around the home. It resembles sawdust and is a sure sign termites have entered the home and are causing damage.
  • Termites will shed their wings at certain times of the year. When a homeowner finds shed wings in piles in their windowsills or other areas of the home, there is danger damage is being done.
  • When termites are present in large numbers, homeowners may be able to hear them chewing in the walls. Getting help from a termite specialist will help homeowners to remove the termites and protect their home against further infestations.
  • If the wood areas of a home sound hollow when knocked upon, this means structural damage has occurred. Waiting too long to seek remediation will only lead to increased damage.

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