What to expect when you agree to duct cleaning

Once you have gone through the process of determining that having duct cleaning in Eden Prairie MN will prove to be beneficial and you have signed an agreement with a duct cleaning contractor, what should you expect to see happen?

* All access ports to the system should be opened

* An inspection is to be made prior to cleaning to make sure there is no asbestos in the system, if there is it must be removed by specialist contractors to avoid air borne particles of asbestos.

* The vacuum system used by the contractor must either exhaust outside the house or a HEPA (high efficiency particle air) vacuum must be used if the exhaust is in the house.

* Carpets and furniture are covered and protected during the cleaning process.
Contact brushing as well as vacuuming is to be used to make sure all particles are dislodged. Only soft bristle brushes are to be used if the ducts are made from fiberglass duct board or are lined with fiberglass.

* Any access holes the contractor may have made must be repaired and put back to “as was” condition.

Should chemical biocides be used when duct cleaning?

It may be suggested by the service contractor that the inside of the ducts be treated with a chemical biocide to prevent the future growth of fungi and bacteria. Ozone is often suggested as the biocide but being a reactive gas, it is an irritant on lung tissue. There are no chemicals currently approved by EPA as a biocide when used on fiberglass duct board or fiberglass duct liners.

Once the ducts are clean, the duct cleaning in Eden Prairie MN contractor will set out a system of preventative maintenance. It is desirable that to make sure that the ducts stay clean for a long time. To prevent dirt, dust and debris from getting into your heating and air conditioning system it is recommended that;

* The best and highest efficiency filters be used and that they are changed regularly.

* If at any time the filter becomes choked, change it.

* Assure that you have all filters in place and that the filter seat is tight. Make sure air cannot pass around the filter or through gaps between the filter and the filter frame.

* Make sure that the annual maintenance of your heating and cooling system included cleaning of the condensate drip pans and coils.

Normal vacuuming of your home can raise as much dust as it removes so make sure to keep the filter bags on your vacuum changed regularly.

A healthy home begins with the air that the family breathes. If you begin to sense that the air quality in your home is degrading you should consider duct cleaning in Eden Prairie MN as a solution. You are invited to Contact Steamatic of the Twin Cities.