When the Sidewalk Steams, Air Conditioning in Ormond Beach, FL is Really Appreciated!

If there’s one place in the country where people really need their air conditioning, it’s Florida. There are parts of this country where the temperature will get higher, but the combination of high temps and high humidity makes Florida HOT in the summer (which in central and southern Florida means all of the time except for those five days of ‘winter’).

Many Floridians (and others) use heat pumps instead of having both a furnace and an air conditioning unit and save a little money every month. Heat pumps are an indispensable part of a cooling system, but many people don’t understand exactly how they work. All a heat pump does is use a little energy to move heat from one place to another. It can pull heat out of a building to cool it or take heat from the air or ground for heating purposes. Instead of burning oil or gas to generate heat, they efficiently transfer heat. The ‘secret’ behind this efficiency is that heat naturally tends to flow from a place with a high temperature to someplace that has a lower temperature. For heating, heat is transferred from the air or ground (the heat source) into the building (the heat sink).

The heat pump is also able to reverse this process and allow cooling with a reversing valve. The heat pump acts somewhat like a refrigerator, utilizing refrigerant-filled coils. The valve reverses the refrigerant’s flow, causing the system to operate in reverse. Instead of pumping heat into the home, the reversed refrigerant absorbs heat indoors and releases the heat outside, cooling the home. The heated refrigerant cools down and flows inside to absorb more heat, repeating this process and keeping the building cool.

The factory-trained HVAC technicians at Best Value A/C and Heating LLC are the go-to-guys for Air Conditioning Services in Ormond Beach, FL. They are available for emergencies 24/7 (it’s 1 am, still over 80 degrees and the A/C quit). With over 20 years in the business, the company is dedicated to ensuring that their customers are breathing the freshest, cleanest air possible. The techs use a 25-point checklist to make sure that they don’t overlook anything when working on someone’s A/C. Contact them for a free estimate and find out how they could solve your cooling problem.

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