Why Brass Recycling in NJ is Important

Brass industry firms largely depend on brass recycling in NJ for their survival. Creating brass from new zinc and copper is not only wasteful but an uneconomical use of the raw materials; new brass products are manufactured from recycled scrap, making the material a sustainable option.

Applications of Brass

Brass recycling in NJ offers the opportunity to create gold-colored brass objects that are used every day. Some of the commonest applications of brass include making of:

  • Pins and screws
  • Door locks and bolts
  • Door handles
  • Coat hooks
  • Hand railings
  • Light fixtures
  • Ornaments
  • Buttons
  • Hand railings
  • Hose fittings and garden taps

In a few instances, brass is plated with chromium for kitchen and bathroom taps, giving them a nice, shiny and silvery appearance.

The role of Brass in safety

Brass plays an important safety role since it is located within the seat belt fittings. It is easy to machine and offers excellent corrosion resistance. The density of the material allows for a compact unit to be created that will fit in the seat belt housing.

Inside Brass

Brass material is a composition of multiple materials; it consists of copper alloys and zinc that ranges from between 5% to 40%. Alloying elements are added to improve the material’s properties:

  • Manganese, aluminum, tin and iron for strength
  • Aluminum to improve its resistance to corrosion
  • Lead to make the material easy to machine

Colors Available for Brass

Brass is available in an assortment of colors that range from silver to gold to yellow to red. By adding 1% manganese, brass changes color to chocolate brown. Nickel silver is a type of brass that has no silver, but has 18% nickel and can be polished to brilliant silver. The greatest advantage of brass is that it is easy to shape, and designers as well as architects are able to create astounding creations that can enhance the look of any refurbished or new building from outside to the inside.

Some of the most common domestic uses of brass include:

  • Creating letter boxes
  • Window fittings
  • Electrical sockets and light switches

All the products created above are not only beautiful but functional as well.

American Recycling offers both copper recycling and brass recycling in NJ. These materials are just too valuable to throw into the landfills.