Why Every Homeowner Needs a Professional Twin Cities Duct Cleaning

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Home Improvement

Most homeowners in the Twin Cities are well aware of how important it is to regularly clean and maintain their home’s heating and cooling system. What they may not know is that it’s also essential to give their home’s ducts just as much TLC as their furnace, air conditioner and filters. Ducts that are properly installed and maintained will increase energy efficiency, improve air quality and lessen stress on your entire HVAC system. Below are a few advantages of hiring a professional for Twin Cities Duct Cleaning.

Better Air Quality

Over time, allergens and irritants like dust, dander and pollen build up in your home’s ducts, making the air quality in your home suffer. If you have dogs or cats, trapped pet hair can make this problem even worse. Your furnace and air condition will continue to circulate these irritants around your home, making breathing especially difficult for allergy and asthma sufferers. In fact, according to the NADC, these pollutants are circulated through your home 5-7 times each day. A professional Twin Cities Duct Cleaning can rid your home of these harmful irritants so that you can breath easier.

Lower Energy Costs

Ducts that are clogged and dirty make it harder for your furnace and air conditioner to do their job, resulting in energy bills that are higher than they should be. Clean ducts help circulate hot or cold air through the rooms in your home more effectively, meaning your utility bills will decrease. In fact, according to the Energy Star website, ducts that are clean and properly sealed and insulated can lower your energy costs by up to 20%.

Longer Life for Your Furnace and AC

With dirty ducts, your furnace and air conditioner have to work extra-hard to push air throughout your home and maintain consistent temperatures. This extra stress can lead to frequent break-downs or premature system failure. A thorough Twin Cities Duct Cleaning will ease the stress on your heating and cooling system and help to lengthen the life of your furnace and air conditioner.

Professional duct cleaning is a relatively inexpensive service that provides many benefits for you and your home. For expert and affordable duct cleaning, contact Steamatic of the Twin Cities today.



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