Exterior Painting in General – Stamford, CT

There is no doubt that painting of an interior is very important, but exterior painting is a more serious job. This is because you can do many experiments with the interior and if anything gets wrong you can redo it as not much material is wasted. But, as exterior of a building has a large area, hence in case of failure you have to lose a handsome amount. There are several companies in Stamford, CT providing exterior painting services, but not all are good.

An exterior costs a lot in terms of painting material and labor, as we have to protect the building from weather conditions. That’s why a special consideration is required when providing a paint finish to the exterior of a building. Paints have various types, some are cheap, some are expensive, some are durable, but some are not. Similarly, special paints known as weather shield are developed for a home façade. But this paint should be chosen carefully as cheap and low quality paint can ruin the walls due to rain or dust, etc.

Low quality paint peels off easily, causing the water penetration inside the building. This may cause a paint peel off even inside the rooms. On the other hand, if a good paint is used it will keep the building protected for at least one or two years if it’s maintained properly in terms of cleaning. After one or two years every building has to be repainted, but this duration may vary from area to area depending on the local climate. In Stamford, CT you have to do the exterior painting after almost two years depending on your budget. However, some people prolong this period due to economical reasons.

Color should be chosen carefully, as lighter tones are good for exterior than bright colors, as they reflect more light making the home cool. This is especially true about warm climates. However, to break the monotony of one color you can be creative by giving small streaks of dark colors in the niches or grooves, but they should be similar tonally. On the other hand, you can use bright colors in cold climates so that the building becomes warm, because such colors absorb temperature. You can also add another material instead of just applying paint, like bricks, stones, tiles, or wood, etc. You can apply them on pillars, alcoves, or on curtain walls, leaving the rest of the building with paint.

Exterior painting in Stamford, CT also depends on the style of that home, like is it a contemporary style, or traditional, country or Spanish, or English, as all styles have their own tones which are used for painting. People still love to paint the whole house in white, which is further enhanced through landscape, and lighting. Such a house looks very classic and elegant especially if it has arches and columns in the patio. However, no matter what you use, you should do it wisely so that you can create a beautiful building.

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