Whole-House Humidifiers From Heating System Services in Austin TX

Contractors providing heating system services in Austin TX, can install whole-house humidifiers for customers who feel the home is too dry during the winter. Some homeowners hesitate to schedule this work because they wonder how effective the humidifiers actually are and whether they can add enough moisture some other way.

Natural Increases in Moisture

Some moisture is added to the air when people take showers or baths or create steam on the stove. However, that’s not enough to raise the moisture to a comfortable level.

Portable Humidifiers

Portable humidifiers can be purchased. However, they only distribute moisture to a relatively small area, such as a bedroom or part of a living room. Households usually wind up running two or three of these devices to keep moisture levels optimum. Instead, scheduling whole-house equipment installation with contractors providing heating system services in Austin TX, is a better solution.

In addition, portable humidifiers should be cleaned with vinegar every week or two. Owners may find this to be a tedious hassle.


Homeowners may worry that the whole-house humidifier won’t be as effective as it should be in very cold weather. In reality, the equipment automatically adjusts to distribute more moisture when the air turns drier.


The equipment requires annual maintenance and cleaning, just as the furnace and central air conditioner do. All of this work can be completed during the same service appointment.